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Какой у вас стоит поисковик? Яндекс? Поисковик изменить нельзя. Это решается из какого вы региона.

What extension are you writing about? 

Is it Live start page or Speed dial? or Eversync?

Hi. Could you make a video of your bug? We will try to find a solution to your case together.

It should work. Have you tried to sync one more time? Can you make a video of the second machine? or screenshot?

Thank you for your idea. We will inform our programmers about your suggestion. Probably, they will add this function in the next update.

Hi, Can you write your versions of Chrome and Opera? 

Your OS please. 

I am a member of Nimbus :).

Can we get your backup? 

It can happen because of number of dials and groups.