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We are happy to read your ideas about FVD speed dial. Good luck you in your work. 

Hi, can you write your login please? We are going to check it.

Hi. You are getting error when you try to log in to Eversync? Can you please write your login here. 

Hi , thank you for using Speed dial. Unfortunately, there is no function to set a new added dial to the top. But, we will inform our programmers about your question. And probably, they will add this function to the updated version of Speed dial addon.

Hi. Do you mean disable all dials in the new tab of the browser. When you open a new tab it should be blank?

Write your OS and firefox version please. We are going to check out. Maybe there is a problem with another extension in your browser? You are writing about plugins. But how about addons?

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your proposal. We will inform our programmers about your idea and hope they will fulfill the new update.

Hi, could you please write more details about your case? 

Let's clarify your case:

How many dials are there in your group?

Could you send your backup to entt.uz@gmail.com?

If you can't send, write your login of syncronizer. 

Здравствуйте, какая у вас ОС? и напишите версию браузера. 

Вы попробовали перезагрузить аддон? 

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