Using Autosync, how do I know whether autosync is merging every time?

Jeff Titamer 6 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 6 years ago 2

Using Autosync for SpeedDial and Bookmarks. How do I know which method of syncing autosync is using? Is it using the last selected option that was manually used or is it using merge as I would expect? This question applies to both Dials and Bookmarks. If it is using the last selected option this would explain some randomly lost dials that were recently added. I believe the the autosync should only use merge and should probably even be left on at all times on all machines. Then uploading should be used manually whenever you make changes such as the order in which dials appear and for after deleting dials and include a script to inform all other machines to substitute a one time automatic download to overwrite to reflect new changes because of the time it takes to get to other machines and download the automatic sync may have already merged and replaced deleted dials.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your proposal. We will inform our programmers about your idea and hope they will fulfill the new update.

Autosync is similar to simple sync method (when you simply press sync button). It doesn't merge. It determines changes in different clients (browsers) and downloads or uploads dials/bookmarks due to the latest changes.