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We have checked "Cent Browser" version It's working normally in this version.

We will make a report about your suggestion to our programmers. Thank you.

"Synchronization of Other Bookmarks folder between Firefox and Firefox will work.

However, by default Chrome Browser doesn't have Other Bookmarks folder as a root folder.
Synchronization of this folder between FireFox and Chrome causes errors. Eversync for Chrome will ignore this folder.

If you still need to sync this folder between FireFox -> Chrome,
you need to transfer all contents of unsorted folder in Firefox to
different folder."

Have you followed the instructions above?

If yes, then can you please make a screenshot of your actions? And write the OS you use.

I had the same script error after installing the Everysinc IE on windows 10. But the error disappeared after restarting my computer several times.

We asked our programmers to work on this issue. Thank you for your offer.

Did you synchronize your dials?

Can you please give your login and did you synchronize your dials in the server? If yes, how long time ago?

It seems when you reinstalled your Firefox, your FVD still remains in your computer. You should try to delete FVD from your pc and then install it again.