Firefox: sync on any favourite that has a description.

ccucui 6 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 6 years ago 3

Hi guys, i'm running with an issue with firefox, I didn't test it on other browser.

I added a new bookmark with some words at the description field. Then I run the sincronization. When I go to the everhelper client (https://everhelper.me/client/) the new bookmarks is there but the description field is empty.

Hello, show us the screenshot please.

Hi, thanks for quickly response. Here is a gif. The same issue happens when you try add a bookmark from https://everhelper.me/client/ if you fill the description field when you sync the account, in the browser you are not able to see the descrition, I mean, the description field is empty.

Thank you! We've set this task to our dev team. Will try to fix it soon.