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Thank you for your answer.

Chrome version is last one: "66.0.3359.181 (Build oficial) (64 bits)" (on three other computers with the same version i've found no trouble at all). And of course i've restarted both navigator and computer with no efects.

Finally i uninstalled extension, and installed again, and now i see again the backup button (so i can do manual backups), and also I see first backup, and another one I've done after first synchronization.

I'll keep an eye over this behavior, and if it repeats i'll tell you



Tried with version 0.69 with same results.

Files with folder paths sent by mail so you can compare original structure, with the one downloaded by client.


After some tests I've found that the error appears when my bookmars are stored in nested folders. And that the app soes not support mor than a certain nesting level:

The red folders are folders that are NOT downloaded from Eversync server, because they are in 9th folder level.

And the same happanes with *.url files. 

Eversync client will noto download them if tehy are in a level deepper than 9.

Sorry to hear that....

Have you logged in?

I've got exactly the same trouble.

I thought it was something related to spanish special characters, but after modifying many of my bookmarks i've got always the same results. 1130 files and 243 folders created, but there should be 4356 files and 542 folders.

Is there a way to activate a kind of log file, so i can find where download is stucked?.

Thanks in advance.

Hi all, 

I think those .NET errors are "temporary errors".

After starting the app two or three times, the error has disappeared itself.