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I don´t use CCleaner and also not cache to RAM.

Here are my configuration:

Win7pro (64 bit)

Avast Antivir

Comodo Firewall

FF addons:

https everywhere

uMatrix 1.3.2

FVD speeddail (but I don´t use it no longer for bookmarks, due the unstable situation)

I also will never save my bookmarks to any clouds. A good option is a file based backup on a local file server.

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Hi, Speeddail fixed the problem without an update. It deletes all speeddails self and shows only the default speeddails.

This morning Speeddail lost again all backups of the bookmarks and speeddails incl. the backups. Maybe it´s not compatible with 2018?

I have the same problem, during the auto udate process the Firefox is unusable and very slow. It´s not possible to work with the browser. The only way to stop it, is to disable Speeddail during the work.

Yes, I have an older file backup from Juli. It seems that the new Speeddail3 has some bugs and is unusable. I found no way to stop the auto update function, during these auto update for the speeddails, it´s not possible to use the firefox. I found also out, the Speeddail makes the Firefox very slow.

I´m looking for a new bookmark manager und a solution to migrate my speeddail bookmarks to a universal bookmark format, that can import to firefox or to a other bookmarks manager.