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No, that is wrong. Firefox 57+ does not require you to block the screen while making screen adjustments. The way it is now it takes several minutes to do what users were able to do in a few seconds. Stop blaming Firefox. I've worked in software and this is easy to fix, it is only the GUI.

The problem with dial refresh is very simple. When I refresh a dial - any dial - it shows the new image in the dial. Click on another dial and go back to the main page and the dial shows the old image, before it was refreshed. Sometimes have to refresh a dial two or three times to get it to stay with the new image.

The review section asks us not to post bad reviews, they will fix the problems. But it seems that does not happen. I have been requesting the background fix bug to be removed so the user can see the dial adjustments as they are happening, like the old speed dial. Now we have to close, look at it, go back in and adjust, close and on and on. Takes forever to make minor adjustments that were done in a few seconds before. Also, refreshed dials revert back to the old image. The drop down tab at the upper right covers a dial when the screen is full, so when the user goes to close the tab, it activates the dial instead. If you promise to fix these errors, then fix them. Otherwise, you will get bad reviews, although most of the bad reviews have disappeared so it still looks like speed dial is great, when it is not. Speed dial is in serious trouble. PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS!

Update 62.6.7 loads faster (so far) but the issues with the images not fitting in the dials, the stupid background that blocks users from seeing dial size and opacity adjustments. And now when I click on the drop down window, when I try to close it the dial directly under it activates because the up arrow sits on and not above the dial. We would be better off with the old UI. Why did you mess with something that did not need to be changed? It worked perfectly. The new UI, even with bugs fixed, would not be as functional as the old one. Change is NOT always better.