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Good day, it looks like my sd file is empty without data. I have saved an old sd file online, downloaded it and and the dials are working fine. So, it was the sd file, i wonder why when i saved it, it didn't save the dials. anyway, thank you very much for the help and sorry for the trouble.

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I cant find the backup file mentioned, in my list, it's all backups in this month.

Before i deleted firefox, i saved my existing bookmarks into sd file through FVD. I'm wondering why it doesnt have any data.

HI, i saved the dials as sd. file in my pc before deleting and reinstalling firefox. I had a malware in the firefox, that why i needed to reinstall it.

everhelper accoun :

Please see reply below. Thanks

Firefox Quantum - 59.0.3 (64 bit) - Windows 10 64 bit

as you can see in the video above, i have reinstalled my sd. file, but the dials are not uploading. Thanks

thank you very much. Problem solved. Have a nice day!