Your comments

I actually already had it installed. I guess just didn't have it set up right.

OK!! Thank you soooooo much!! steered me in exactly the right direction. I guess I just needed a nudge! Thank you for your time and efforts!!! I got it up and running. I created a new profile, as you suggested, imported the backup u suggested, then backed those up and started shoving my old stuff back in a bit at a time. now I have my bookmarks, saved data, and my speed dial all working beautifully! yay!!!! I think it's something like 15 years worth of profiling in that folder! :)

thank you again!

I can also import my old speed dials in from the back up you had me create.

ya, that worked like a charm, but I have years worth of history with my firefox profile, so I hope there is a fix that lets me have it all back!!

i will see, but the problem is having to re create all those dials, i have a LOT of them!

ff 50.0.2 and I was on Win10 and it wasn't working, now I'm on LinuxMint 18. Still no go. I just uninstalled the addon today and reinstalled, and yep, still no thumbnails.