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Hi, Thanks for all the updates. I have just tried again (logged out and back in again) but I am still having the same issue.

PS I left it running overnight, but no change and it was still trying to sync this morning. - thanks

yes I did, but I get the same result if I click the sync button on the Chrome tool bar next to the speed dial logo - by the way it is still trying to sync, but I am having to leave my desk!

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Where I have set up my PC (main) it seems to run fine and I can see the sync. I have three other all running chrome and they hang during the "apply changes" part of the sync. I have just tried logging out of the eversync account on my PC (main) so and I now have only one other logged in and it is still hanging after 2 mins. I say hanging though it looks as though it is actively syncing but will still be doing so for 10+ minutes. If I open a new tab only about one quarter of the speed dials have been synced.

If I check the everhelper page it shows all the speed dial groups with the correct speed dials in them. Any help greatly appreciated!