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delfinka hace 3 años en FVD Speed Dial / Firefox actualizado hace 3 años 4

If there is only one tab left open then SpeedDial disables functionality of Ctrl-W what is REALLY IRRYTATING. Ctrl-W doesn't close the window anymore, it closes the tab with active content and reopens new tab with SpeedDial in it.

The only way to close it is Alt-F4, what is not what I am used to and it a bit more awkward shortcut combination.

I write a question to support using webform found through Settings in SpeedDial, but after typing in whole message I found to my dismay that "Send" button doesn't work.

Few other minor, but annoying issues

- can't sort dials in your own order

- can't leave empty gaps between dials. I used to organize them by rows in previous version

- too messy, too much going on, too CPU heavy

Not very best combination. Uninstalled.

En revisión


We sent to dev,team


The root of a problem is setting browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab

Every time user changes this setting to TRUE SpeedDial changes it back to FALSE.

There is no justification or reason for such behaviour whatsoever.

We have option Show in last tab in General settings. Did you check?

I reinstalled SpeedDial just to check.

There is few "Show <something>" options in tab Appearance (if thats what you meant).

Nothing related to browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab.

It makes my Firefox very slow, so even if that issue is fixed I wont be using it anyway.