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Uninstalled because the import from Evernote was a disaster

tsvlasuk 2 года назад в Nimbus Note / Windows Version обновлен nimbusweb 2 года назад 3

It couldn't estimate how big the EN archive was before the import began, AND it was uploading to the cloud as it went (instead of simply importing locally), so I quickly exceeded the free upload allowance. I had to upgrade to Pro to complete the import, and then the process couldn't figure out where it left off, so it duplicated all the notes that had already imported. The import/upload process was glacially slow; I had to just leave it overnight and hope it didn't need any intervention from me.

And after all that, I found that it didn't import any of the EN notebooks (although tags were successful), and it didn't import any PDF notes. The PDF notes had a title and tags, but no content.

I spent two days on this, and the whole experience was awful.

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Did you import from ENEX or EXB?  Did you get message about premium for Import?

EXB, I think? I used whichever one is the "native" file, not the export file.

I'm not sure I understand your other question. Do you mean the message about the free month of Premium? Yeah, that didn't appear until *after* the import had finally finished -- and after I paid for the upgrade.

I don't mind the few dollars that I lost nearly as much as the frustration and time lost! I had high hopes for using NimbusNote, but the whole workflow and UX and error-checking seems very flawed.

We will release new version with new UI and editor/sync very soon - http://nimb.ws/T0CZEi

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