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Nimbus Note 3.0.7 will not sync on Windows 10 Pro 1809 Build 17763.437

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I am unable to sync my Nimbus Note account on Windows 10 using the app version and Windows version listed above. I have nimbus Note on my iPhone 7+ running iOS 12.2, and on my Amazon Kindle Fire HD8, and syncing is not an issue on those devices.

I disabled the firewall in Windows. I also checked my local firewall logs. For the heck of it, I also tethered my iPhone to my computer to see if it was an ISP issue, but to no avail.  

If it makes a difference, I have a Nimbus Note Pro account.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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What do you see in status page - https://nimb.ws/P8nAzF ? Do you see sync error?


It says "Sync Complete" so maybe it's just an issue of me trying to figure out how to change the workspace that I'm in.  

The sync happens rather quickly, but I don't have a whole lot in it … just a few different workspaces that I've created.



Yes, desktop doesn't support workspaces now, We will add this feature very soon. You can manage WP in web-client - http://nimbusweb.me/client or in Mac client.

Gotcha. Okay.  I can use the website for now. Glad to know it wasn't something I was overlooking!

That being said, I AM looking forward to workspaces in Windows.  

Thanks again!


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