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New version for Firefox-Linux is TERRIBLE. I lost all my links :-||

Ancelli 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 3

All links disappeared. I tried to restore them using Firefox file.sd but it takes more than one hour and i'm not sure that this wiil restore all and just SpeedDial bokmarks. Them was different.

What could i do??

I have got an old backup.

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Please tell me version of Firefox? Did you use sync feature?


 i just updated my browser to Firefox Quantum 60.0 on an Opensuse 42,3 box.

I didn't seen a "sync" command, then i tried "Backup/Restore in file". But i have no file.sd on my system and procedure toke more than an hour without any result.


Could you give us your backup file .sd ?