EverSync IE does not install on Windows 7 behind a proxy

torsten kleiber 6 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 6 years ago 5

At first I the installer, tries to download the eversync exe, download of exe files is not allowed behind our proxy.

After that I download this exe in a dmz computer and try to start this after this on my normal computer. But the exe tries to immediatly to connect the internet and this does not work too, it ends immediatly after this.

It can be a problem of network. What country are you from?

The problem seems to me that in eversync it is not possible to configure the proxy. I'm from germany and on computers without an proxy I don't have this problems.

Same Problem with

Have expicitely downloaded http://fvdspeeddial.com/ie_sync/Application Files/EverSyncIE_1_4_6_0/EverSyncIE.exe and install this from usb stick, but it does not start.

Thank you for informing. I will contact to the programmers and we will try to find solution to your problem.

I've just tried to install EverSync on Windows 7 SP1. Everything works fine! It asked for Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 that I also installed.

Could you make video of your problem?