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EvilEd 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 7

Hello, I noticed to check "Show Quikc Menu" in Settings has no effect. Is it because of an related Option that I toggled or is it a bug? I dont know but would be very happy to hide it.

Regards, Ed

Quick menu is lower panel on the dial:

I turned it off and as you see there is no quick menu on dial:

Do you have another behavior?

For some reason in my case it has exactly no effect if I uncheck exact the thing shown in your screenshot, quickmenu will still be shown on mouse over a tile. If I can help you somehow to work on this just let me know, e.g. giving you details to my firefox version, taking screenshots and so on. Appart from this little thing you did a nice job, keep up the good work! Thanks in advance,


Give us your OS, browser and addon version.

EvilEd, give details please. Take a screenshot, your firefox version and OS name please.

OS: latest updated Windows 10 x64

Firefox: 60.0.2 x64

Addon: 66.1.8

We have checked your problem. We will fix this bug in the next version of extension. Kindly, wait for the updated version of FVD Speed dial.