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Bookmarks in "Bookmark Toolbar" synced to online "Unsorted" folder in Firefox 59!

xiy726 5 years ago updated by PabloB 4 years ago 15

I use EverSync to sync bookmarks between Firefox and Chrome. However, all bookmarks in the "bookmark toolbar" were synced to the online "Unsorted" folder in my Firefox 59 for Linux. "Unsorted" folder will not be synced to Chrome by design and the sync between Firefox and Chrome is now impossible for me.

Same problem here with Firefox Quantum 59.0.2 (64bits) in Ubuntu 16.04.

I have the same problem in Firefox Quantum 61.0.1 (64-bit) syncing between two Ubuntu 16.04.5 set both in different languages (maybe the problem?). One FF and SO are in spanish and the other ones in english.

It doesn't matter if I open Chrome or not in between synchronizations. Always put bookmarks in "Toolbars" and get synced to "Unsorted" in the other FF and vice versa.

Please help. It's very annoying and makes the extension unusable when opening Chrome in other systems that I need to.


Anybody? this issue remains for over a year now. Everytime FF syncs in different computers, Bookmarks in folder "Toolbars" got synced to "Unsorted" in EverSync servers and I have to -manually- move all my bookmarks from "Unsorted" to "Toolbars" in my browser again, and again, and again. It happens -everytime-. It's very annoying and frustrating.

With the -no minor- drawback that when that happens, Chrome, of course, directly cant' sync anything and deletes all my bookmarks instead of merge.

Please help. Thanks.

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1) Do you use autosync?

2) Do you use only EverSync or FVD Speed Dial too?

Hello Nimbus, thanks for your reply.

I use autosync and FVD Speed Dial too, in both browsers.

In FF, I only have FVD Speed Dial installed (with bookmark sync active) and in Chrome, I have to install both of the extensions to make sync work, but is clear that the problem comes from FF only (I can stop using Chrome and it keeps happening). Bookmarks locally in folder "Toolbar" in FF allways got synced to folder "Unsorted" in server, and that is what generates all the trouble.

If I sync manually, the problem replicates, and it happens with FF for Mac too, not only in Ubuntu, version 16.04 and 18.04, with FF Quantum 66.0.3 (64-bit) with both extensions up to date.

All FF's are now in spanish, if that helps. I'm not sure, but I think the problem can easily came from here, with translations in folder names that's not working good, or something like that... since I can find to many people with the same issue.

I have some knowledge in the matter, so, if you need to ask me for some tests, I'll be glad to help.

Please try to use only FVD Speed Dial for sync of bookmarks,  And try to disable EverSync.

I already have it that way in FF. EverSync extension is not installed in any of them.

Ok. i will write to dev,team

Did you try to update browse to actual version?

I'm using Firefox 66.0.3 (64-bit), latest in Ubuntu 16.04 repositories (at work). FF updates regularly in Ubuntu and versions are almost up to date with stable versions published by FF team itself.

In my home I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 and I can't confirm what version of FF are in 18.04 repos right now (I'm up to date for sure), but in a few hours I can come back with that info.

I can see that Firefox in his official releases (stable versions) are in 66.0.5 right now and this issue is happening for, at least, a year now: a -lot- of versions of Firefox Quantum ago.

¿Do you really think it can be fixed with the next update?

I have Firefox 66.0.4 (64-bit) running on Ubuntu 18.04 in my home, updated today from 66.0.3.

Hi, both SOs updated to FF 66.0.4 in the last 24 hours.

The issue still happens. Both browsers with only FVD Speed Dial extensions, sync local folder "Toolbar" to server folder "Unsorted". Then, of course, when you open the browser in the next computer and sync, FVD moves everything from Toolbar to Unsorted locally too: forcing me to open Bookmark Admin, every time, to move all back. Need to say that, of course, this problem makes the extension useless to sync between Firefox and Chrome, since Chrome doesn't even sync with "Unsorted" server folder.

OK, i wrote to dev.team.