Dilas are not uploading

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I have reinstalled Firefox. After installing FVD, i have uploaded the sd. file that i ahev saved in my pc. The dials are not uploading, it remains in the same preset dials.

It seems when you reinstalled your Firefox, your FVD still remains in your computer. You should try to delete FVD from your pc and then install it again.

Could you send your .sd file?

What is your OS and Firefox version?

Please see reply below. Thanks

Firefox Quantum - 59.0.3 (64 bit) - Windows 10 64 bit


as you can see in the video above, i have reinstalled my sd. file, but the dials are not uploading. Thanks

Did you synchronize your dials?

Can you please give your login and did you synchronize your dials in the server? If yes, how long time ago?

HI, i saved the dials as sd. file in my pc before deleting and reinstalling firefox. I had a malware in the firefox, that why i needed to reinstall it.

everhelper accoun : eur10000000@gmail.com

Hello! We've checked your backups. Now you have 31 item online. And there a backup 2018-02-21 13:20:09 - 34 items. You can log in on everhelper.me and restore you backup there.

Please, let us know, if it helped you or not.

I cant find the backup file mentioned, in my list, it's all backups in this month.

Dials file .sd that you gave us doesn't keep any data that could help you restore your database

Before i deleted firefox, i saved my existing bookmarks into sd file through FVD. I'm wondering why it doesnt have any data.

Good day, it looks like my sd file is empty without data. I have saved an old sd file online, downloaded it and and the dials are working fine. So, it was the sd file, i wonder why when i saved it, it didn't save the dials. anyway, thank you very much for the help and sorry for the trouble.

Have  nice day!