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unable to import Android Chrome bookmarks

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Hi. I am running version 1.11.1 of the Android app on a Google Pixel. I am using the default Chrome browser (fully updated) and have a number of bookmarks on the phone. When I try to import the bookmarks into Eversync, I simply get an "Import Failed" message. I have tried restarting the app, and also restarting the phone. Neither had any effect. The import steps I took were menu - Import Bookmarks - Import from stock browser. 

I see my bookmarks from the web, so the app has successfully synced those. My reading of the FAQs is that importing the android browser bookmarks should place them in their own folder named Android Bookmarks. But this is not what happens.

Is there something that needs to be done in order for this to work? Do I have to create the folder manually? Is there something else going on? Any help on getting this to work would be appreciated.

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Chrome for Android doesn't allow it (

browser bookmarks should place them in their own folder named Android Bookmarks - but you can to create this folder and move bookmarks.

That's too bad. I'm surprised that that level of access isn't available via one of the APIs that are exposed for things like password managers or accessibility. In any case, it would be very nice if you were to find a way around the limitation.

Moving the bookmarks on my own isn't all that attractive a solution. It doesn't help me with cross-browser or cross-platform syncing. I would have to maintain the mobile bookmark set myself, which defeats the purpose of a bookmark syncing app. I could probably use a different tool for mobile bookmarks, rather than the browser's bookmark feature, but unless it integrates with the browser it requires extra effort to set up the entries, which is less than ideal. Again, figuring out how to get the browser to sync with Eversync is the optimal solution (even just the one way, browser to app, would be good).

In any event, thanks for the response.