slow download /update

dead_warrior 6 років тому оновлено Gleb Khegay 6 років тому 5

After some new updates FVD become to slow loading dials at the start. I have only 6 dials.

I tried to reinstall everything, FFox, FVD and etc. I tried even clean install only clean windows, ffox and fvd. Reinstalling helping at the start for few times, it;s like first launch is ok and everything loading so  fast,but after another 10 launches of FFox problem starts to show again.

I have 10 GB Ram and a lot of SSD/HDD memory space so FFox is not loading resources of my pc at top.

I also tried another PC and notebook, because i'm thought that it's my pc's problems but everywhere problem was same.

Please check your addon code/updates to reverse slow working. I remember that few months ago there was no such problem and there is a lot of same messages on this forum.
Please investigate it.

Please, tell us your account info or send backup file. Does your browser work fast withou FVD Speed Dial ?

I use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (mostly fox), Version always is latest because i oftenly check for updates.

I tried using FFOX without FVD and it works faster, not a big difference but still it is a difference. What account info do you need? Also what cloud services you are runnig? Maybe u using amazon hosting/cloud and etc. We have some troubles on some sites because of Telegram but i think this problem was earlier than Telegram/RKN issue was happened.

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