Request: Add sync status indicator to addon icon

BrianM 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 1

It would be great if the addon icon provided some kind of visual indicator that showed whether the current local bookmarks were synced with the server.  Basically, this is a clean/dirty indicator that shows whether a synchronization is needed. It would go to dirty any time a local bookmark is modified, added or deleted, bringing the local system out of sync with the server. It is a visual reminder that the local system needs to be synced to save the changes to the server.  You could, I suppose, make this optional for people who choose to enable the autosync feature. For those who are not using autosync, such an indicator would be very helpful.

I am categorizing this as Eversync - Chrome, but the request applies to all the browsers, and really to any version that syncs with a server.

Hello! We'll add your report to our discussion list. Thank you!