Malwarebytes Detects Eversync for IE as Malware

mark pompey 6 ár síðan updated by Gleb Khegay 6 ár síðan 2

During the installation of Eversync for IE, Malwarebytes Premium detects the software as a  potentially unwanted program (PUP). I am able to add it as an exception. My concern is why is it being identified as that. 

We can't support Malwarebytes antivirus and tell what causes such detection. You can check our file on VirusTotal.com

Here's report of my scan:


I checked EverSync with Virustotal. There is no any virus alert. Maybe the user has some issue on his side.
I advise to check the file on Virustotal yourself.

Report here https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/6ffc4d7083a558bd730b8ab0187e5de6972c40bbe5b06968fe016f51dfe10f76/detection

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