Firefox EverSync Issue - It Makes Duplicate Folders, but Duplicates are Blank

onion_eater_2 6 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 6 years ago 2

In Firefox, I use the Bookmarks Toolbar and have multiple folders to organize my bookmarks.  I seem to be getting duplicates of all my folders where the added duplicate has the same name, but is empty.  This does not happen in Chrome, only Firefox. 

Check your Firefox Preferences in the "Firefox Account" then under Sync Options - uncheck your "Bookmarks" and save.  When I used Xmarks, their documentation was clear that you do not want two sync processes of bookmarks going on at the same time (i.e. Firefox native mode and Xmarks) because this could cause duplicate bookmarks, folders, etc.  When I switched to EverSync, I left the same settings I used for XMarks and have not had any problems.  Try it to see if it helps.

FYI, have you found any documentation on EverSync?  I don't see any recommendations from them on how to set up the extension.

We've updated EverSync. Install the latest version and try again.