Your icon keeps popping up on my bottom windows bar (like it's an independent program) and this is HIGHLY distracting

jvaughn4770 5 years ago updated by James Clark 4 years ago 3

Is there any way to disable this problem? When i'm gaming i do NOT need this distraction and i don't need it in general. It seems this is a new thing and maybe new things should be added in "off" mode and just mentioned to people.


It's dial's preview auto update, I think. What can you see if your hover the mouse there?

The icon hes talking about.When I hover over it, it shows my router (my IP page), but when clicking on it I get sent to my FVD SpeedDial settings. I pinned it to my taskbar so I could keep it there long enough to screencap it, and I checked where its directory is and it brought me to chromes install folder. Very strange! Also, my pop up blocker doesn't register it at all... even weirder!

Oh and also, it shows up in my 'quick browser history', but not in my full history.