Sync Bookmarks Greyed out Internet Explorer

Lind 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4

When right clicking the icon in the taskbar, I am not sure why the "Sync Bookmarks" option is greyed out.  I am logged in.  I have Eversysnc installed on a laptop and it is not greyed out on that machine.  Both desktop and laptop are Windows 10.  Any ideas?

It's grey until you do the first sync (download, upload or merge your data).

Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately even after I download, upload or merge the data, the Sync Bookmarks is still grey.  It looks the same as the first post whether I am logged in or out or have synced through the options or not.  Hope this information is helpful.

We've updated EverSync for IE. Try again, please.


Downloaded the latest version and that fixed the greyed out "Sync Bookmarks" issue.  Works great.  Thanks for the help!