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EverSync IE error when syncing "Some error occured. Send information to developer?"

torsten kleiber 6 years ago updated by steves06 4 years ago 43

Happens independently from selected option Menu or Advanced Sync

  • Sync Bookmarks
  • Merge Local and Server Data
  • Overwrite Local Date
  • Start Sync

I've got exactly the same trouble.

I thought it was something related to spanish special characters, but after modifying many of my bookmarks i've got always the same results. 1130 files and 243 folders created, but there should be 4356 files and 542 folders.

Is there a way to activate a kind of log file, so i can find where download is stucked?.

Thanks in advance.


On my site not one bookmark is synchronized.

After some tests I've found that the error appears when my bookmars are stored in nested folders. And that the app soes not support mor than a certain nesting level:

The red folders are folders that are NOT downloaded from Eversync server, because they are in 9th folder level.

And the same happanes with *.url files. 

Eversync client will noto download them if tehy are in a level deepper than 9.

Under review

Please contact us team@nimbusweb.co

We will send you new build to test.

May I also try version  I have the same error as torsten.kleiber, but not necessarily the same as feriber.

Same here. Windows 7. I have never been able to get my IE bookmarks set.  It's a big set with lots of nested folders and I've been trying to overwrite the local from the server since the server set is correct (and also sync'ed correctly to Firefox and Chrome).  

Not reproducible with newest version on windows 10 anymore.

How do we get, when I download from your site, it's

The download and the app dialog shows, but in windows apps & features is shown, so this is the same.

OK, in that case does not solve any problems for me. Trying to download favorites still get's errors and barely get half of my bookmarks. Also, trying to install on a new system also errors on the installation. Windows 10 Pro 1709 64 bit.

Dear users, try to do sync again and if you see Error message, click Yes to send us information. We've done some fixes on our server.

I just did one that failed the same way and sent the error report.

We've updated EverSync. Reinstall and try again: https://www.everhelper.me/synchronizer.php

Same basic behavior.  I tried twice, sent the error report each time.  It leaves Favorites pretty jumbled up as well but the restore from backup fixes that.

Well, I just tried this new version ( and its worse than before. When I tried to download (overwrite local), it kept popping up the error message so many times I couldn't keep up trying to click the send error button. I eventually had to use task manager to kill the process.

I didin't see any difference in the error behavior.  For me, it hits an error and stops.

What OS do you have?

Windows 7 Professional.

We're working on fix. Will update it soon.

Any update on this?

Hello! We've updated EverSync: https://www.everhelper.me/synchronizer.php

Please, reinstall it and try again. Let us know if the problem is gone or not.

Still fails.  I sent the error report.

Just made a fresh download of 1.4.6. Want to download 10760 bookmarks (nested folders) from server to IE11 on Windows 10-1709 64bit.

Same error as before. Download starts, after maybe 1 minute error pops up:


Did send error report ("Yes"). After that only 244 bookmarks have been downloaded:


Same error occurs when I manually delete all bookmarks in IE before downloading.

Please get this repaired! I need it so much (came from Xmarks).

Same thing for me -- used Xmarks and ideally want IE bookmarks sync'ed ... Firefox and Chrome are my bigger use browsers but due to the work I do I have to be in all three (Firefox, Chrome, IE).  My IE bookmarks are now way out of date.  I also have a lot of them ... over 40,000 total so I suspect there's a size issue.  Xmarks used to have more IE issues but would eventually sync them.  Firefox and Chrome have been good with Eversync.   But paying for it, IE should be working.

Please, give us your account login. Also describe your actions step by step.

Account is:  steves06@comcast.net

For IE, I'm selecting Overwrite Local Data (Download).  That's because it's been so long since my IE bookmarks updated I don't want to risk a merge -- I know what's on the server is the set I want.   Once I get a clean new set into IE Favorites I plan on merging -- that's what I do with Firefox and Chrome.

When IE fails it leaves the bookmarks (Favorites) pretty much a mess.  So I always end up restoring from the last backup (which has always worked so far).

Thank you! We'll check the problem and let you know, if something else is needed.

Any update on an IE fix?

Let's make it clear. You do merge in FIrefox or Chrome for example, then you do simple quick sync in IE? right? 

And what result do you get? What do you mean by mess?

FIrefox and Chrome merge normally.   I've also been able to update Firefox and Chrome from the set on the server (use the server data as the master and overwrite local with it).  I use the server set the first time I set up any new copies of Firefox or Chrome.  I've tried to to the same "update from server" to initialize the IE set from what's on the server.  I have not tried a regular merge from IE because what I have in IE locally is pretty old.  

IE then fails with the error everyone has shown above.  At that point, the bookmarks in IE are all messed up.  I can recognized some but the folder structure is not there, I see duplicates, etc. -- what's in IE after it fails looks very little like the master set other than having some of the bookmarks that are in that set.

ok. So you do click Download button to overwrite IE data with sever database, right? Then you get error? 

I have the exact same error. Can this be fixed?

Anything?  It's been a month.

I am on paid version. Can this be fixed?

I'm also paying for this.  Part of the justification for paying was that it worked for IE.  But it doesn't.

Any word on an IE fix?  6 weeks since I passed on the information and there's been nothing.

Yeah, I'm still waiting, too! No chance spending money for the pro version if half the product fails :-(


We're very very sorry for such inconvenience. Steves06, we're still trying to repeat the problem you have.

Dear users, we also need some information from you as we get few report about such behavior. Please contact me at gleb.khegay@gmail.com

We'll try to research each case you have and fix it.

Any updates?  It's been forever here ...


We are working for fix in IE

Is there any hope of ever getting IE to work?  It's going on a year now.

Any update on this?  I could really use a working IE version.  I test across different browsers so having a sync that works across the big three (Firefox, Chrome. IE/Edge) is key for me.  I have never had the IE sync work.