EverSync IE deinstall does not work on Windows 10

torsten kleiber 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 13

The deinstallation log shows that the app is not installed despite it is running and starts at every windows 10 start.

Check this option:

Do you want to completely delete EverSync IE from your PC?

Yes in the case I want that the deinstallation routine should work!

Did you try to uninstall EverSync in Windows 10 Settings -> Apps?

Exactly there happens the error. This is the message:

And this the details.log, which is shown when pressing the Details button.

We set this task to our dev team. Thank you!

Reproducible with newest version

Did you comepletely removed previous version? It works fine at me.

How do I remove previous version, if deinstallation does not work?

try to delete manually from C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Apps

There is nothing related to Eversync in this directory.

In the new windows 10 apps and features view I get the error:

 in the old classic system control view it works, found it be accident:

So, you've managed to uninstall eversync?

Yes I have. But it seems only to me only a workaround, as the default deinstall option is the new windows 10 dialog, and there it reproducible does not work (I have tried several install/deinstalls).