EverSync: Bookmark sort order corrupted (Chrome and FF)

EatMe 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 5

Like many I am having to "jump ship" now XMarks is being closed down and EverSync looks the best alternative...so thanks!

But one VERY annoying bug on all platforms tested (Chrome and FireFox) is that the bookmarks sort order gets messed up when syncing.

For example I tidied up the order on the web interface and forced a Download to overwrite local bookmarks and the sort order was all over the place.

Fix this and I'll be happy and I am sure you will pick up lots of others leaving XMarks...

Did you turn off Google Chrome bookmarks sync?

My mistake...I had auto sync turned on  in one browser that was overwriting bookmark sort in another browser. 

User error 🙄 not a bug

I'm also an Xmarks survivor, converting over to Eversync, and my issue is the sort order on the iOS app. 

Aside from the fact your app looks "zoomed in" all the time (I'm guessing it was designed for older/smaller iPhones and ported over...it really needs an update, IMO), I want my bookmarks to appear in the EXACT SAME ORDER they appear in Chrome and Firefox. Instead, they are all Alphabetical. 

Now, YES, I am aware of the sort options, and I tried to sort by Creation Date (which I figured would be the answer), but that doesn't work for meeither, because for some reason bookmarks I created many years ago appear to have a Creation Date of Jan. 2018. I don't understand why the app can't simply recreate the order they are in in the desktop browsers. Xmarks did. And now I'm concerned my Chrome/Firefox bookmark order is going to fall prey to the same "bug" the next time I sync.

Not sure if it helps but I have a workaround that works well for me. I manage all the bookmarks and sort them in the order I want via the EverSync website (https://www.everhelper.me/client/).

Then I sync these to Firefox on my laptop using the Firefox extension (works also for Chrome but I no longer use Google due to their selling my data/privacy issues).

On my iphone I DO NOT use the Eversync app, instead I let Firefox manage the sync from the desktop Firefox to the iOS Firefox....works a dream!!!

I have to say I am now a happy convert from Xmarks and have come to prefer it :-)

Hello! We don't work on ios version now, just supporting it. Bookmarks order can be set in browser version or in web version (everhelper.me) and this order will be synced corretly on different platform. iOS is still problem for us in terms of some functionality like sorting. Hope to rewrite our apps soon.