Give me an empty address bar please?

fogcitynative 5 years ago updated by Daniel T. 5 years ago 6

Sometimes I just want to enter a URL, but not save it as a Dial. No way to do that with Speed Dial running. How can I make it go away so I can enter a URL? I do not want to search for a URL, just type it in in the address bar.

Please, make video of your problem for us? What happens when you type smth into browser's URL bar?

I will do that when I get q moment.

The problem for me is lots of add-ons in the menu bar. I can click into a two character wide space and type a URL. But the Speed Dial data takes up most of the address entry box space.

He's talking about the address bar Speed Dial description. It's been talked about before.If there are a lot of address bar icons from add-ons, then the address bar free area might be greatly reduced as mentioned.

Thank you Daniel. One picture is worth a thousand words. 

BTW does Speed Dial sell my data?

It's not possible to delete this part in URL bar due to Firefox demands. It's firefox who put this panel there.

if the add-on title was shortened, it would also shorten in the address bar.