Hello! Check EverSync Backup tab:

You can restore your data here.

It's empty here.

Покажите вкладку Профиль

Пользовались ли Вы синхронизацией с свервером? По нашим данным на этом аккаунте не было никогда дилов. Не был ли перепутан аккаунт?

I have one more account. But it's old and I have not used it for a long time. It has some of the bookmarks, but not all. I do not remember whether I used manual synchronization or not. Most likely I used the first time when I transferred to a new account. Where on my computer are these data in the database?

Here's another account. But I do not see what's on it. The item "In Your Browser:" constantly loads, but does not show how many tabs. I do not have any more accounts. But I did not leave my account "0663642996d@gmail.com" and did not go to these before the loss of tabs.

We've updated Speed dial and Eversync. do you still have this problem?

Good afternoon. No, nothing has changed. >span class="">But I have reset some of the tabs in memory. I am working with them.

Can we try team viewer session?