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Please, support the EDGE browser.
Release an extension to the Edge browser.
Improve the extension of Internet Explorer.
The internet explorer extension has errors.
Allow better integration between the 3 largest browsers on the market. (EDGE, Firefox and Chrome).
Its competitor, XMARKS, has a problem syncronizing with firefox, but it synchronizes well with internet explorer and chrome.
Make an extension to the EDGE.
Thousands of people will thank you very much for this.
Cover $ 1.00 whatever.
Accept payment with cryptomoedas.
They'll be rich.
Thank you.

While you're waiting for them to do that, you can sync with Internet Explorer and use a built-in Windows component to sync between Internet Explorer and Edge as explained at https://www.windowscentral.com/how-keep-favorites-synced-between-microsoft-edge-and-ie-windows-10. For me it took a while for that to work even after restarting my computer, but it worked after a few hours.