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I just opened Firefox, and all my dials were lost, everything. It's been a while since I exported a backup myself. I don't understand why this happened, I closed firefox normally, there was no crash or sudden shutdown or anything like that at all. I closed it normally.

Have you managed to restore your data? How often does it happen?

No, tried everything I could find here and on google. Data just dissapeared into thin air, this is the first time to me. I gave up and restored couple months old version from the cloud. Really wish there was some internal auto-save that would back up on my pc list of urls after every change, that would be enough. I can't log in all the time to nimbus to make back-ups myself.

EverSync has auto sync and auto back function. It created copy of your dials into local backup and also synchronizing to server.

Could you tell us your account? We will try to restore backup on our server.

Also check this tab:

The oldest local back-up I see in that menu here is of march 9th. This happened on 8th. So it's probably overwritten.
My everhelper account shinyumbreon289@gmail.com too. I don't know if there's any recent backup on your server, since I can't remember the last time I was even logged in while using the add-on, but if there is it would be really helpful.

If you didn't sync your data recently, then we need to make team viewer session.

Contact me via email: gleb.khegay@gmail.com

Look, it doesn't matter, links I've lost I can find again with google search. Thank you a lot for taking your time trying to help me. Next time, I'll expect the unexpected, and try to make backups on time.
If you're an admin, you can close or delete this post. Tnx again, bye. :)

Thank you for your report. We recommend using EverSync to keep your data safe.