To Sync you must install FVD Speed Dial

viaduk04 5 years ago updated by Jason College 5 years ago 8

To Sync you must install FVD Speed Dial  ---- but i have it installed. on other account in chrome addon working.

Hello! Please, tell us your OS, browser and addon version.

You don't see sync of dials after installing FVD Speed dials, do you?

i have this same problem. synch works fine on one computer, and gives this error on another. both have the same OS, browser and addon version

Windows 10 pro (64-bits)

Google Chrome - 64.0.3282.186

Addon version - 16.2.1

Dials on my desktop are current, because i use it all the time. The dials on my laptop are out of date. I get this error on my laptop any time I try to retrieve the updated dials from my account, even though the extension is installed.

To make it clear. You have Speed Dial installed, but in EverSync addon you don't see Dials tab?

Send us screenshot of your problem.

If you refresh this page (F5), nothing changes?

No. nothing changes.

Ok. We need to make team viewer session to find out where is the problem.

Do you have skype or some other ways to contact you.

We will need your team viewer login and pass.


Sorry. I'm not giving anyone remote access to my computer. worst case, I'll reset Chrome, and start with a fresh browser