Eversync in Firefox never finishes - stuck on this will take 10-40 seconds

Jared Burr 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 9

I have one machine when I attempt to merge with the online database it never finishes. It opens the this will take 10-40 seconds dialog, but then after 20-30 minutes I finally just kill the sync. I have no idea what I can do to get it working on this machine. Another one of my machines works fine and it is running firefox as well.

Please, tell us your account and make backup of your dials into file:

I don't have any dials. I am only using bookmarks right now. I have exported the bookmarks to html, but I am not sure hwo to tell you what my account ID is. I did sign up under my gmail account though.

yes, we need your login email and your local database.

I am not willing to give my local database, but my login is my gmail account (jared.burr@gmail.com).

Ok. In this case you can import your local database (html file) in Web version (https://everhelper.me/client/)

Go to Bookmarks tab and Import you local database. Bookmarks will be merged. 

After this you can try Download in your EverSync addon.

I just tried this by uploading to the web client and then downloading to overwrite the local data and it still is stuck on the 10-40 seconds portion. Is there a way I can remove the addon along with any associated data, then re-install the addon as a clean install and try it that way?

When you do Upload to server, you lose your server data and overwrite it with local data from your browser.

10-40 seconds problem - we need team viewer session to see what's happening.

Any update on this? I really want eversync to work since xmarks doesn't seem to work very well anymore, but if I can't get my bookmarks to sync it makes it tough to want to upgrade to pro. Any ideas? It looks like a few other people have reported the same problem with it hanging on this. Even when I do the Download to overwrite the local data it just is stuck forever as well.

We need to do team viewer session.


Leave us your id and pass