Dial refresh fails, slow loading, cannot see dials while adjusting size

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When I refresh a dial, it goes back to the old dial, takes two or more refreshes to show new display.

Slow to load, often does not load, hangs up and restart required.

Still can not see the dials while adjusting size & opacity because screen is now hidden. Have to go in and out of the adjusting screen several times. Previously the user was able to see the dial resize while it was adjusting. Waste of time for users to have to go in and out of the adjusting screen several times to get the required result. It is unnecessary to block view.

We had to rewrite whole addon due to new Firefox 57+.  And that's why we can't show options screen as it was before.

Could you please, descibe the first problem in details or make video for us?

No, that is wrong. Firefox 57+ does not require you to block the screen while making screen adjustments. The way it is now it takes several minutes to do what users were able to do in a few seconds. Stop blaming Firefox. I've worked in software and this is easy to fix, it is only the GUI.

The problem with dial refresh is very simple. When I refresh a dial - any dial - it shows the new image in the dial. Click on another dial and go back to the main page and the dial shows the old image, before it was refreshed. Sometimes have to refresh a dial two or three times to get it to stay with the new image.

We will fix the bug with dial's preview in the next update.

About settings page. We have Chrome version of Speed dial and made everything in this way. We also discussed option of opening settings as it was before, but the solution was - to make it as it is now.