Hoe do you restore address bar icon for speed dial fvd

Craig Murphy 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

Okay I hid the speed dial icon in the address bar, then realized I need
some of that functionality (i.e. to add copies of  dials to other
folders quickly). How do I get the icon back? I've looked everywhere in
your options, I know there used to be a force icon option but it is not
there anymore. I checked in the Speed Dial FVD extension options in
firefox. The icon isn't in the list in view>toolbars>customize. Even uninstalled and re-installed? lol

Open General settings: Appearance tab.

Turn on Show Page Action button

This box is checked. I've even unchecked and re-checked it and applied changes trying to fix it. I am also having an issue with it constantly duplicating my bookmarks. I have all automated syncing and backups turned off trying to stop this. I have 300 bookmarks in my browser and when I first caught it doing this it had duplicated it 20 times, giving me over 6000 bookmarks. I restored them and then over-write server data just to have it do it again and again? I have been using FVD for several years and never had these issues before. I'm about to uninstall it and use something else. It also has trouble reading the dials in my browser in the account window for synchronizing. This all is happening not just on one of my computers but on all of them, and on other people's computers who are friends of mine, so it's not an issue with just my computer(s). At a loss!?

Please, tell us what version of Firefox and Speed Dial you use.

Also tell us your account, please.

I am using Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit). I'm not sure where to find the version number of speeddial? I did manually download the newest version of speeddial, so it should be current. The icon issue resolved itself, when I got up today and opened my browser there it was in my address bar. The issue with replicating my bookmarks was an issue with two sync programs running simultaneously. I had the sync for bookmarks in Firefox turned off but a recent update must have defaulted these settings and turned it back on. Lastly, the issue with reading the the speeddials in the settings/accounts tab also seems to be rectified. This may have all been a conflict with the Firefox synchronization. It all seems to be running good now but I will be monitoring it closely. I had a bad day the other day and this was just getting frustrating. I am definitely still a fan of speeddial fvd! Thank you for the prompt assistance. I would like the information on where to find the version of speeddial. I've probably seen it a hundred times but you all know how that goes; if you don't need it, you probably won't see it. :) Which, in itself, is a testament to how well this application has served me over the years. I also get a chuckle when I see typos on posts from others, it was my turn this time. lol

We are glad to know that everything works fine now.

Yes, browser bookmarks sync (Firefox and Chrome) can cause such problems. We advice our users to turn it off to avoid duplicates.

To check version of addons in Firefox, open Addons page (Ctrl + Shift + A) and in Extensions tab you will see all your addons and their version as well.

Thank you for staying with us!

v64.3.5 is on my computers. I believe it is up to date. Thanks again!