Larger size dial icons on desktop or ability to change their size

mrl 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

Larger Dial icons /ability to customize their size- easier for older eyes that do not see as well.

Do you mean FVD Speed Dial? There is option in settings for this:

Thank you, I found that after the fact. Next idea: I noticed my brain can differentiate dials faster if they are the company icon/logo instead of an image of the company website homepage. Do you have an option that allows for me to select the icon/ logo? When I have a screen full of  dials of website homepages, it is slowing my work flow down

To change the main picture of dial to icon/logo/picture you want, you need to right-click on your dial, then choose the option 'Edit', you will have this menu(in the screenshot). In this menu you need to choose 'custom preview'. There you can choose preview from local file or any users image on right side. Or you also can add new dial and after adding url you can choose picture from right side or your custom. 

Ahhh Brilliant! Thats perfect.