Please consider adding browser startup auto update time delay.

Daniel T. 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 12

At times when I open Firefox I have an intent on going to a specific website. I use a password manager and select the site I wish to go and log in, yet SD will start auto updating and grab focus which causes the intended navigation to fail. In addition, there are times a web link in an email is selected yet SD will be auto updating and will focus on the updating dial and load the website in the updating dial instead of the main browser window. A simple refresh will fix the dial, however that wasn't the intent of selecting the link in the email.

Please considering adding a Firefox startup auto update countdown delay timer setting. A setting to delay the auto update upon browser startup by X time, perhaps seconds or minutes. This would allow intended startup goals to be accomplished before SD starts grabbing focus with auto updating.


Hello! Please, tell us what Firefox and Speed Dial version do you use?

We've already fixed the bug with focus, but may be something went wrong on your PC. You can also turn off auto updates in settings, so dials won't be refreshed automatically and focus will be where it should be.

I'm not reporting a bug. I chose Idea. This is a suggestion to add a SD startup auto-update time delay.

Both Firefox and SD are the latest. And, yes, the update windows grab cursor focus. Not talking about visual sharpness.

Thank you! We will check it again.

So tired or SD grabbing control and cursor focus of new session. Open the browser and start to type in the address bar and SD takes away the focus and stops the typing because SD initiated an update window. Open a new session and SD again takes away cursor focus and stops what I am doing because it's processing an update window. Try to login to a website with Roboform but it fails because SD is updating an update window and grabs cursor focus. Please implement browser start SD auto update delay.

And, Yes. I know how to turn off auto update, but that is not preferred. Preference is for auto update to be enabled, yet add a time delay to the browser startup so SD auto update will be delayed to give enough time to do what was intended at browser startup.

We've already set deiay time after browser start - 15 sec. I tried to repeat your problem, but unsuccessfully.

Can you make screencast for us or let us make team viewer session?

Please, make sure that you have the latest version of FVD Speed Dial

I suggest a user defined auto-update delay like 2, 3, 5,10,15 minutes which provides enough time to initially get some things done without auto-update interference. Then auto-update would start on its own after the delay. With this method there would be no need to consider turn off auto-update overall.

A screen cast would have to be a video to see events. A easy way to say it is that the interference happens while a second Firefox instance appears in the taskbar updating each dial one-by-one. I only have 9 dials which takes a little while for auto-update to complete.

64.3.5 is the version.

Could you please tell us your OS, Firefox, Addon versions?

Win 10 64 bit Home & Pro
Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit)

All addons up to date:


So, info you requested was provided but the thread stalled. Is there a consideration to add a user defined auto-update startup delay?

We added this task to our list. We've already set delay time (about 15 seconds) before dials get preview update. There is a bug in your build that we should find out. Can we make team viewer session?

Or can you make video for us. Then our specialist will request console log

I'm not sure why you say I have a bug. This thread was created to request a new feature of a custom user defined auto-update delay in order to allow the user to do a few things like online banking, etc., before the auto-update for all dials starts. You've mentioned the 15 second delay a few times and I acknowledge its existence. There's nothing more. Any consideration for a user defined auto-update delay time period is greatly appreciated.