Opening dials in new tab

Mark Strobel 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 3

Is there a way that I could set up all dials to open in a new tab automatically?  I see that option when I right click on each dial.  However, I was hoping for an automatic option for all dials?

Hello! Yes, you can. You need to right-click on any free place in FVD Speed Dial. Then you will have this menu. Click on 'Open All Dials" and you will have all your dials in new tab.

Thank you for your response.  However, this menu doesn't appear after right clicking.  Are you referring to the Chrome extension or the website version because I am using the site version, https://topsites.me/.  Do you have any other suggestions?  Thanks.

Unfortunately, there is no such option. But you can use Ctrl + Click on dial to open it in a new tab.