Refresh causes temporary new window to appear and impossible to type while happening.

paulyday 6 years ago updated by Daniel T. 6 years ago 2

I had to uninstall it from Firefox because this
issue made it unusable.  Its doing it in Chrome & Firefox constantly. 
I've have used this program for YEARS and I love it. 

I keep uninstalling it on both Chrome and Firefox but keep coming back because there is no other I want to use in its place. To now use this program I have to disable it to type passwords and browse.
Please fix this wonderful app.

Hello! You probably are talking about Auto update of Dials images. You should turn it off in Settings:

Please, let me know if it helps you. If the problem will not dissappear, we can make teamviewer session.

Also, a new feature to delay updates for X period of time at browser startup would be nice too. Hey devs.... hint, hint.