Too bad it takes a long time to load

txabi morbid 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 5

It takes a long long time to load on FireFox, it's a pity.

hello! can you tell me settings of your computer and how much time approximately it takes to load?

Maybe I can hook up here:
Most of the time it works as you would expect, but more often than other times it does not. Either a new tab shows only a white page, or it looks like the screenshot here.

The message there says:"A website slows down your browser. What should be done?". With the buttons you can choose between "Stop website" and "Wait".
When this message comes up I see only my background-image, but no dials. If I click on "Stop website" the dials will also appear.

Sometimes I see only a white page instead of my dials when I open a new tab. No F5 or Ctrl+R will help, just restart Firefox or deactivate and reactivate the Speed Dial Addin.

Unfortunately this is not reproducible, so I suspect that Speed Dial wants to connect to some server when opening a new tab and this doesn't always work. Therefore,"Stop website" also causes the dials to be displayed as usual, because the attempt to connect to this server is abandoned.

These disruptions rarely last longer than a few seconds, but it still disturbs because it stops the workflow.


Can you send us local backup of your dials? You can create it in EverSync settings. Make backup to file.

Okay, but I need your email adress for it (for privacy reasons)