Backup to file no longer working in FF 57.0.4 with Speeddial 64.1.3

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I run firefox 57.0.4 with speed dial 64.1.3.  Until recently I was still able to save all my dials to a file. Now there is a new auto backup to speeddials database and a "Backup Dials" button. But clicking on this button does exactly nothing.

Can we make teamviewer session?

Also using Firefox 57 with Speed Dial 64.3.5.

The "How do you want to backup" dialog shown in your post does not appear when I click on "Backup Dials". Thats the problem. When I click on "Backup Dials" simply nothing happens, I only see a optical feedback of the button showing me that I really clicked it.

In between I upgraded to Firefox 58. And since this time the backup dialog from above appears again and so now I can also backup to a file again. Strange why this did not work with ff 57 before.


Yes, thanks. Since the upgrade to FF 58 everything is ok again with Speed Dial.

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