Speed Dial hangs Firefox 57

tjtj 7 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 7 years ago 4

Every time I start Firefox with speed dial enabled on Mac or Linux, it hangs Firefox 57. On Linux, I cannot log into my account. On the mac, it takes like 5 minutes for Firefox to be responsive.

Hello! What's happening when opening firefox? may be getting dials images or something else?

It is very hard to tell what is happening, but if I disable FVD, Firefox works properly. . On Linux, It can't be doing this because I have not yet logged in. It displays the google window and sits there unresponsive.

I have a lot of dials, and they take forever to populate on mt 150Mbps connection. You need to do this in a separate thread.

Could you try to log into your account on https://everhelper.me/ ?

And could you wait all dials to be completely downloaded with all their pictures? 

After 5 minutes freeze does your dials still getting images preview?