Change behavior of the button action

sebzanga 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 3

I had used "Speed Dial 2" for some time and FVD is better in some things except when you open the dials. In Speed Dial 2 you could open the dial in the same tab with click, open it in a new tab with ctrl + click, and open in a new window with shift + click.

Hello! Can you tell what happens when you open dial with ctrl+click? I used this combination and got a new tab. About shift+click i have already sent request to our programmers. In addition you can use mouse wheel click besides combinations to open a new tab. 

Looks like I had it configured to open the new dials in a new tab, so the normal click and ctlr + click had the same behavior. Thank you for the info!

Also, the only way to open all the dials in a group is to right-click it and select "open all dials"? Maybe using the mouse wheel click would be faster.

Thank you. Regards

We will discuss it with our dev team.