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Focus address bar in new tab

Sray 5 years ago updated by Daniel T. 5 years ago 3

I am in the process of switching from Chrome to FF. I have a new install of FF 55 and the first extension I installed was FVD Speed Dial. For some strange reason when I open a NEW tab the focus is in the address bar but the cursor is at the end of the actual address (moz-extension://09670e0f-5e6d-4ce0-9993-651eaf4f1c0f/newtab.html) in the bar so if I type something I am just typing at the end of the current address. It should select the address in the address bar upon open so I can type right away. The way it is now is a pain because I have to click off the address bar and then click the address bar again to start typing. It works correctly in Chrome. I am not sure why it does not work in FF.

I have tested this to make sure that it is FVD Speed Dial that is causing this. If I disable all extensions then everything works as it should. If I activate FVD only then this issue starts. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing?

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Go to the extension settings and copy the address

Open Firefox Settings

Select Home page settings

Replace options.html with newtab.html


Thanks for the reply. Not exactly what my issue is.

Here is how it looks when I open a NEW tab using the "+" symbol on the tab line. Notice the blue outline around the address bar and the cursor at the end of the address.

If I were to immediately want to search google, for say,  "Star Wars" notice the address line. Star Wars is at the end of the address.

When I open the NEW tab the address in the address bar should be selected like the following image so I can start typing immediately.

Does this make sense? I have no idea why it does this. I does not do this in Chrome.

I find, on my own system, this is caused by other tab add-ons like those for custom tabs such as blank tab, etc.