Error: Can't import bookmarks in my Opera browser from Firefox.

Jakasan 6 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 6 years ago 6

Can't import bookmarks in my Opera browser from Firefox. Its try to load but never finish...

How do you try to export and import bookmarks? Using EverSync? 

I go to settings panel and choose option import bookmarks. The same with exporting fast dial bookmarks. See messages importing dialls, but nothing happens....

If you mean export and import Dials (not bookmarks), then you probably copy and paste the code. Right?

And it stops on Step 5. Right? 

We will fix it in the next update. It's probably something wrong with Firefox addon.

Also recommend you to use EverSync to synchronize your dials and bookmarks. It will be much easier. And you can keep copy of your info in the cloud. Check this link: https://everhelper.me

yes I use this import button. Ok I will try. Also question, I have oldest version of Speed dial and also have backup, does some way to import my oldest dials ( I have big collection which will sad to lost...)Thanks

In old version of speed dial you can find export/import option in Sync tab.