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BUG in address line.

D264 5 years ago updated by Daniel T. 5 years ago 3

After updates in new tab's address line I see text "moz-extension://56f5ade9-fb6f-41af-b215-2e6a7038d9a1/newtab.html"

I want to have emty line like it was earlier. How to fix this?

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In FF57+ it should be fixed.

Yeah, thx. QFF looks pretty awesome.

Speed Dial URL can still persist in the address bar field when there is a load custom tab Add-on installed in Firefox. When tab Add-on is removed, the address field does not contain Speed Dial URL.

To add an FYI about Speed Dial while in Private browsing:

Speed Dial persists to load in new tabs while in Private browsing, so you wish for new tabs to load as Private without Speed Dial, then there is a need to set browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.enabled to False in about:config. This sets the new tab behavior to classic. Then use an add-on that sets the new tab to a blank page. Unfortunately, this also causes Speed Dial URL to appear in the address bar field on a non-Private Home page.