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Blank White Page For FVD In Chrome Canary

MrGrimm2635599 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 7

i just installed google chrome canary and the fvd speed dial tab is just blank white. i have removed fvd, restarted canary, reinstalled canary and still the same. i am out of ideas. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Under review


Can we try http://teamviewer.com/ ? I can't repeat

yea give me a min or to to get it installed and i'll message the info

ok so how do i send my tv id and password without putting them in the public forum? not seeing any pm system. thanks

ok now this is getting really old. asked to tv to try to solve the issue, create  ticket so and no response.

Cab we try http://teamviewer.com/ now? Please write to team@nimbusweb.co

ok thanks i'll launch tv now, and leave it open and email you. thanks