speed dial changed again? Now it is worse than ever

MJL17 7 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 7 years ago 1

speed dial groups tabs changed to gray? Why? Contrast is poor and hard
to read the group description. Titles above dials have disappeared even
though the settings are set to show icon AND title. Why was this
changed? And speed dial still has that awful design that hides the
screen when the user is adjusting the size or opacity of the dials,
making it impossible to see the change. Why is that design still there?
It is useless and hides the adjustments. speed dial keeps getting worse.
Bring back the original gui interface immediately. Are you listening to
the users? Why don't you respond?

install the latest update of Speed Dial

There is an option to change bg color and title color of groups

Check the color of dials title in setting. try to change it.

Due to Firefox 57+ update we cannot use old design.